Network alignment animation

SANA stands for Simulated Annealing Network Aligner. It takes as input two networks and aligns them (schematically). SANA is by far the best global network alignment algorithm out there, and will probably never be beaten because (a) it's fast, and (b) it produces the best answer possible in cases where we know the correct answer. We have compared it against every algorithm we've found in the past decade, and SANA outperforms them all, often by a huge margin. It may sound like pure chutzpah to say so, but we firmly believe that if you're using anything other than SANA to align your networks, then you're wasting your time. I challenge anybody to disprove this statement.

The one available on this website is a bit old and corresponds to the version from our first paper, which you can read at BioInformatics, or as a preprint.

The most recent version of SANA is always available on github.

The full IID networks used in the paper not available yet are available here.

Network alignment cartoon